Inheritance of impious Doctrines

In the shrine of eternity, a mad reptile embraces God's creation.
Atop of withered skies, he sets an agelong black sun.
Like a nameless spirit, he flows into nihility and declares revolution.

A cunning God wishes to enthrone all of mankind in doubt,
Lords of emptiness spread the obscurance.

Like a symphony of death that burns His Domain,
A conspiracy against the vows of slavery.
For those who are not able to break down the curtains of light,
shame on you...

Man made his own choice to walk among those serpents.
This endless damnation that had to happen once and for all.
A fragile existence so piteous, so sinful, yet undone...once and for all.
Ascending from the catacombs of time,
with a poisoned tongue he licks God's presence
He taunts his work for deliverance...


from Whisperer Of The Abysmal Wisdom, released November 23, 2015



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Vermingod Πάτρα, Greece

Vermingod first spawned their death metal nature in 2003, gaining notable attention and therefore success within the local underground scene. 2010 saw the release of their debut album 'The Grand March to Devastation'.
2 years later the "Symptom Cult" EP came.After that Vermingod toured Ireland, 2years later a second LP came "Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom"
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