(lirycs for this song written by Ω)

Man is nailed to his lack of faith

The ever-stimulated clitoris of God,
swollen in black pus Pops in distorting starvation
And their Mother of One, full of pricks are her hands,
In a half-naked stance And Her womb lacerated as a treat to this Mass.

She excels with her head As the foul-mouthed breath,
When She vomits and turns the pricks black.
Her rotten ol’ teeth, mix of yellow n’ green
are carving a Cross on his genital parts.

The vomit is ooze, filth, putrid and ill
A disciple in orgies, Heaven-flicted travesties.
Chokes the Art of Man. Human Art, porn of God.

The clitoris of God, a Man-sized charlatan
With the hair as a thorn and a poem up his shaft.

Man is chained to his lack of beauty and terror.
The once colorful gardens, now an ill-painted canvas,
Now a bestial crown, a laurel of Pain.

Sperm is poured down the gal’s panting throat, warms her pulsating chest
To mutilate his prick, to mute his slutty screams,
To take a grasp of his clit and pluck it off with virtue.

The dark - vested festivity, all in playful inequity,
The celestial excitements
Then the God-making process meets an end with no cause,
And the echoes of white brasses deluging me.

The glorification of flaws.
The humble inversion of birth,
The gradual dismissal of heartbeat

and Man is as rusty as ever,
a foe needs repel his allies.
The Host needs embrace His vermins.


from Whisperer Of The Abysmal Wisdom, released November 23, 2015



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Vermingod Πάτρα, Greece

Vermingod first spawned their death metal nature in 2003, gaining notable attention and therefore success within the local underground scene. 2010 saw the release of their debut album 'The Grand March to Devastation'.
2 years later the "Symptom Cult" EP came.After that Vermingod toured Ireland, 2years later a second LP came "Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom"
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